Soon you will be part of a select and advantageous club! A well informed and welcome person in the most charming and crowded establishments in the city of Rio de Janeiro and soon all over Brazil. Discounts, amenities and freebies, in short, a lot of advantages! And do not forget: whenever you change any data from your registration, keep us informed so that our contact is always close and perfect, benefiting all sides involved.

To enjoy the benefits of your exclusive ABSOLUTE RIO VIP CLUB card, follow our site regularly as we will be adding new members weekly here on this exclusive page!

Don't leave home without it, enjoy it, because from now on, you are absolutely special!


Welcome to the VIP CLUB ABSOLUTE RIO world! If you want to be part of this club, contact us now at and send:


  • Full name

  • Name to be printed on card

  • Full address

  • DDD Contact Phones

  • Birthday

  • Email

Registre-se no nosso site

1. This card is non-transferable and personal and must be presented with your ID card or any other photo ID.


2. Product discounts on promotions are not cumulative with other promotions in force.


3. Card covenants are guaranteed by contract. In the event of non-compliance with the promotions disclosed in this guide, immediately notify our customer service center by email providing the following data: name of the affiliated establishment, date of occurrence and amount of the expense. Only with this information and with the copy of the invoice or ticket, we can guarantee the refund of your discount after finding the case with the parties involved.  


4. If your card is stolen or lost, please let us know as soon as possible on the phones and email below. You can request a new one at any time.  


5. At shows, establishments or box office events, users should be aware of the rules of the establishment, always referring to our guide on the site or through our phones.


  6. VIPCLUB ABSOLUTE RIO Card is valid as a discount and / or perks card. Even if merchants don't accept credit card payment, our card represents an effective discount on your purchases.  


7. Enjoy being a VIP and lead a more fun life with the VIPCLUB ABSOLUTE RIO rebate card!


8. The cost to make each card is R $ 15,00 and is valid for 1 year from the date of mailing. Phones for more information +55 21 96409-2656





Be part of a select club that tends to grow more and more because it is absolutely Carioca and so it is all about you and your business!


Be a partner offering discounts and advantages that will benefit consumers all over Brazil and consequently bring you more profit. The option will always be your business!


VIP CLUB ABSOLUTE RIO was created to offer the best in advantages for registered people with high decision power and good taste.


Each week there will be more adhesions from merchants and customers joining both parties.


The list of accredited and their discounts and / or advantages will be sent via email to our registered customers and further displayed on our website in the special page PARTNERS for free within the terms of the contract.


Other advertisements may be negotiated on any page of the website or print magazine independently. In all ABSOLUTE RIO parties and events that will be more frequent, VIP CLUB customers will always have more advantages, discounts or amenities and your company name will always be present! Partner now with the exclusive VIP CLUB ABSOLUTE RIO exclusive discounts and perks card.


On the next page under PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT you will find a contract ready. Copy and replace the spaces with the requested data. Fill in carefully, authenticate your signature and contact us immediately to validate your partnership! You can email your proposal or request a visit.


Welcome to the Absolute Rio world!



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